food Menu (9am - 3pm)

** options might be reduced due to lack of supply or staff **


Simple Beginning vg. £3.50

Sourdough toast with french butter and raspberry jam


Mashed Peas and Edamame Beans & Feta £7.50

Blanched peas and beans mushed lightly with mint, vegan butter and lemon.

Topped with crumbled feta, Za'atar and served with toasted sourdough bread


Mushrooms & Truffle Oil vg. £7.50

Chestnut mushrooms sauted in garlic and parsley, drizzled with truffle oil.

Served on sourdough toast and garnished with arugula


Halex Scrambled Eggs v. £7.50

Halex signature creamy scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough,

garnished with arugula


Low Carb Queen v. £10.50

Roasted aubergine, smoky baked beans, cucumber, boiled egg, tahini dressing, house chermoula, coriander, arugula and toasted sesame seeds  


Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel £6.5

Award-Winning smoked salmon on cream cheese and dill in a toasted bagel.


French Toast £8.5

Buttery brioche soaked in creamy eggs and pan-fried to perfection.

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, served with yoghurt and mix berry compote

Nduja & Cheddar Toastie £8

Italian spicy salami paste, mature cheddar toastie. Served with rocket

Korean Express £7.5

Kimchi and mature cheddar sourdough toastie. Served with rocket


Italian Job v. £7.5

Artisan basil pine nut pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, sourdough toastie.

Served with rocket


Classic Ham & Cheese Day

Roasted ham, cheddar & wholegrain mustard sourdough toastie.

Served with rocket  £7.5


Kids cheese or ham & cheese sourdough toastie £5

Served with apple or orange juice and cucumber sticks


Leafy salad +2

Parma ham +2

Cold-Smoked salmon +3

Sourdough toast +1

Saute mushrooms +3

Scrambled eggs +4

Soft boiled egg +1.5

Vegan cheese +50p

Homemade baked Beans +3

Gluten Free Replacements +50p/ portion

drink Menu

** options might be reduced due to lack of supply or staff **

Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Cocktails, Wine and many more

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