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Young generation winemakers

You wake up in the morning and without realising one hour has passed with the same routine as you have spent every single day. We get used to routine and expect life to throw at us the same every day. Then you find a young generation of winemakers making wonders to spice up your life.

Richard and Alejandra in Rueda, Spain, decided not to follow the family tradition of making commercial white wines and instead they followed the path of allowing organically grown grapes to express their true characters. Menade was this way born and the Verdejo with a Sauvignon Blanc twist in its taste change the idea that all Spanish white wine is dull. Well, this is clearly not!

Chasselas is a white grape from Switzerland mainly planted in there as it suits its cold weather conditions. Actually, it is rare to find it planted elsewhere as it is seen as a niche and difficult to grow variety. Ruben Diaz, born in Cerberos in Central Spain decided to make a change and found some old forgotten vineyards of Chasselas in one of the mountain ranges around Madrid. The result is a wine like you have never tried before, unless Swiss wines with a riper profile is your usual tipple.

(C) 2017 Vinos Ambiz

Vins Pedra in Barbera, Catalunya, takes some well-known grapes such as Grenache and Tempranillo to make a rounder and fuller dimensional wine that is delicious by the glass and with food.

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