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Malbec wonders and alike

There are stereotypes and there are wines that set apart a new standard. At Halex we are always behind winemakers that make non-commercial wines because it is the true identity that they pursue.

This week we have a couple of new wines to bring to the forefront this approach. From one side we have a Malbec from Argentina from the lesser known wine region of Patagonia. Situated at the south of the Country, is one of the wine regions closest to the Antartica and this provides wines with a much purer air in which to develop. Miras manages to make a superb full-bodied red wine that will put your perspective of Malbec in another mindset.

Dave Bowley, founder and winemaker at renown Vinteloper in Australia, decided to make a true fruit-bomb with roundness and enticing body. He searched for a grape that could provide the beautiful texture of Malbec with a much more restrained approach and the answer was the Italian grape Lagrein.

Whereas in its original country of origin this grape makes light bodied wines, in Australia on the other hand manages to become more expressive and it is a serious Malbec contender and a great alternative to take on.

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