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A picture of a winery next to the vineyards is a widely used image in the word of wine marketing. The link that creates provides a sense of harmony and natural flow from soil to the bottle. It is in this context where some of the greatest wines are made and visiting a winery after having walked through some of their vineyards is a memorable experience. Producers follow the regional traditions and regulations from generic bodies on how to make wine.

Now enter the game changers. It takes courage for someone to challenge decades of tradition and Warwick at Renegade Wines decided to source grapes from around Europe and bring them unspoilt in refrigerated vans to London to produce innovative wines from scratch. The magic appears from the moment he is able to follow the best winemaking practice for each of the varieties regardless if that would be not common practice in the country of origin. Add that a stunning packaging, a handcrafted closure and minimal intervention to obtain a result that would put Harry Potter to shame.

Renegade Sauvignon Blanc pairs French grapes from Bordeaux with New Zealand winemaking to conjure a Sauvignon Blanc like nobody else has made: Both boastfully expressive yet consciously refined.

Renegade Pinot Noir combines ripe Italian grapes with minimal intervention winemaking and judicious amount of oak to provide a wine that makes you wonder how on Earth someone has achieved to make a red wine like this that has the statue and presence of Hugh Jackman at full blast and a silky taste that makes it highly quaffable. Game changer

Renegade Pinot Noir

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