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Façonnable - Southern French

It takes only a drive through some of the regions in South of France to find wines with a distinctive character. These are the wines with a more approachable nature and created to be enjoyed with friends and food. Easy-drinking and uncompromising taste.

The region of Gascony, in the South West has always been a source of fresh white wines with a grassy character. It might be from the Atlantic influence or from indigenous grapes better suited to the wetter weather compared to other parts of France. In any case, the result is a crisp white wine that screams for seafood and loud music. Lesc is our offering this week from Gascony and would appeal to Sauvignon Blanc lovers and those looking for a fuller flavoured thirst-quencher.

Rhone and Auvergne are the two regions chosen this week to provide the red wines for our bulletin focus. With a different taste appeal, full bodied in the case of Mistral and light bodied in the case of Magma, both have in common the nature of their grapes, being organically grown and with minimal intervention. Pure and straightforward wines that enthuse the palate and broaden the soul.


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