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Delicate and elegant wines

There are a few red grapes that manage to make wines with a balance of fruit and finesse. Sometimes it feels like the choices myth be to choose between a fruit-bomb or an oaked dry wine. Luckily there are options out there and in our selection we have a good number that offer a round taste with pure fruit and elegant structure.

This week’s selection focuses on those wines that have taken delicate grapes like Pinot Noir and Gamay to make expressive wines that have defined a style in itself. Starting with Balfour, an English fizz that continues to win accolades and is widely recognised as one of the best pink bubbles made in this Country.

Magma, Lo-Fi and Renegade, all of them share the same ethos of making wines with the purest expression of the grape with minimal intervention. Magma is grown in the volcanic region of Auvergne in the middle of France and it has a vibrant and fruit-packed taste. Lo-Fi conveys a Gamay with minimal intervention and careful winemaking to make a juicy and savoury red wine that becomes a love at first sight. Renegade Pinot Noir continues to lure everybody with its expressive taste and round structure.

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