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Vinteloper is a winery that likes doing things in a different way. Rather than relying on the easy to find Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon widely planted in the South East, they venture into more original grapes and different winemaking practices. All this in an effort to imprint a different approach in the wines where pure fruit comes first and small intervention is paramount in the process.

If life gives you Lagrein is a recent project where grapes were sourced to be converted in a fruit-driven and juicy red wine that appeals to Malbec drinkers and those willing to get a flavour-packed wine that punches above its weight.

Red Urban is not your usual antipodean wine. It is normal practice to have a winery near the vineyards and it is indeed a traditional imagery when in comes to the wine world. The change here comes to a more intrepid approach with grapes sourced and brought to downtown Sydney. The result is a raw blend of Shiraz and Tempranillo with a natural smoothness and roundness.

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