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Adventurous winemaking

It takes courage for any wine grower to decide to make wine the way nobody else dared before. First select a land to have vines planted for the first time. Add to this the complexity of selecting grapes never see in a region. Top it up with old-school experts saying that that variety would never grow well in those conditions. Boom! A recipe for failure for those not brave enough to try it... and succeed. This week we have by the glass a couple of examples of adventurous winemaking.

Ovum wines, based in Oregon, decided to plant Savagnin, Gewurztraminer, Melon de Bourgogne amongst a plethora of grapes in an area previously been a dessert. The combination makes Big Salt, a white wine with delicious freshness, charming aromatics and a thirst-quenching taste with a hint of saltiness, as the name on the label hints. A glass of wine that evolves in the glass with its aromas and taste.

Celler Batlliu located in a remote region north west of Barcelona decided to do what nobody else thought before. They chose to plant Pinot Noir, a grape normally not associated with Spain, in a region next to Pyrenees with high altitude and strong winds. The first time that wine is made there and a Pinot Noir that seduces with its ripeness and velvety taste.


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