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I am Peichin Lee, the co-founder of  Halex. After working in Fashion for some years, with my partner Joan Torrents, we started a deli & cafe, Pantry & Co. in Highams Park, East London in Spring 2016. We curated provisions, wine, beer and confectionary from selected producers and importers in UK and Europe. Along running the cafe, I am also a self-taught baker and passionate cook. We served freshly cooked brunches on a shared table that could only sit 10 people. Many interesting events had taken place in that small space, such as first wine tastings with Joan who is an expert in wine industry, Cookbook Club (still going strong), Sunday mini-markets, 31 days of Riesling award, ceramic workshop etc.


With more demand on sit-in, we opened the door of Halex also in Highams Park, in Winter 2018. We had a vision, Halex is a simple yet elegant space where good food and drink shared by like-minded people. Along the way, we had tapas & cocktails bar, live Cuban music nights, film night etc. During pandemic, we have adopted it as grocery store, bottle shop, coffee & toastie kiosk and even a noodle bar. We have a new vision, Halex is a creative hub where ideas can be shared and realised while good food and drink are served.


Our signature bakes are chocolate Guinness cake, doughnuts, Banana & Chocolate muffins, coconut macaroons, cinnamon buns, sausage rolls, chocolate cake with salted caramel icing etc.  You can also find beautiful Blood Orange Marmalade, Szechuan Chilli Oil, traditional Kimchi, Korean-inspired chilli sauce to be enjoyed at home. Oh and have you tried our Tiramisu? 

Collaborations? Private function? Catering for special occasions? Contact us!

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